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Why Study in Georgia as an International Student?

More than 14 thousand International students study in Georgian universities today. This number has been constantly increasing, and interestingly, even during the pandemic, it has increased by almost ten percent. There was very little growth during the pandemic and this is further proof that this sector has solid growth potential. Georgia has become the preferred destination for educational immigration and is available to all nationalities with the facilities of the Georgian government, especially with the recent developments taking place in the country in the recent period, as it allocated nearly a quarter of the state budget in the education development sector. Study in Tbilisi, Georgia is very easy for everyone.

Georgia is interested in using and applying technology to build a developed country and e-government. Banks, ministries and government transactions have become very easy at the touch of a finger on websites. Not to mention stores, transportation, and ordering apps.

  • There are discounts for students on public transportation that may exceed 50%. Bus apps provide real-time tracking and a metro network covering most universities. Taxi apps will reach you in minutes for a reasonable price.
  • Public libraries and student facilities, pure green public parks spread out, a student-friendly environment that helps focus and clarity of mind.
  • Indian, Turkish and Arab halal restaurants are available and widespread

Visa Requirements for International Students in Georgia

  • One of the easiest countries to process the visa, and it is distinguished by the liberal visa. A citizen and resident of the Gulf countries and other Arab countries does not need a visa in the first place.
  • Obtaining university admission is easily done  with clear and simple steps, and its universities are developed with educational programs recognized internationally and in most Arab countries. There is no entrance exam in most faculties except for a simple interview about general knowledge of biology and chemistry for Medicine.
  • Georgia ranks sixth in the world in terms of safety.
  • The Georgian society is a friendly society that respects the beliefs and customs of others and does not address ethnic and religious differences. A liberal, open society that does not bother visitors and expatriates, you’ll see the hospitality of the Georgians from the airport.


How to Apply to Study in Georgia as International Students?

One of the most frequently asked questions is, can we study MBBS in Georgia? Our answer is YES!!! You can study in Georgia MBBS.

Study in Georgia University requirements may vary by country. The difference is in the conditions for obtaining a student visa. But the university admission requirements are the same for all nationalities, with little difference from one university to another. Here is a list of general Study in Georgia requirements :

  • Age 17+
  • High school completion certificate (12 years) must include subjects related to the chosen specialization. Like biology and chemistry if you want to study medicine.
  • English language proficiency of at least B2 level
  • Very few universities require an IELTS or TOEFL certificate for International Students
  • Most universities accept any certificate stating proficiency in the English language, or assess their own written test or interview, which is easy to pass.
  • If you do not pass the test, some universities provide preparatory English language courses along with other subjects for a period of 4 months and then take the test again.
  • A personal interview via Skype is a prerequisite for obtaining admission.
  • The interview does not exceed ten minutes, and is often personal questions to assess your English language and to prove your personality. The interview is recorded.
  • Some universities send information forms and documents, terms and conditions, to be read, answered, signed and sent back.
  • A copy of the passport and high school diploma translated into the Georgian language and certified by a notary.
  • Some universities deal with the student directly, starting from registration until his arrival in Georgia. But most universities require an intermediary or office to collect, present, transfer and translate documents

Unfortunately Study in Georgia for Free is not available and international students must pay Tuition fee.