Georgian American University

Georgian American University: A leading medical university in Georgia

Georgian American University (GAU) was established in 2001 at Tbilisi. It is well recognized worldwide as it is authorized a higher education institution by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. This University offers a quality education at an internal level where all the academic program is set up by the Ministry of Education and Science. Georgian GAU focuses not only on the textbooks but also by training the candidates to acquire creative skills which may be essential for their careers. The GAU also does focus on the personality development of its students keeping in mind to construct them academically both with theoretical and practical knowledge aiding them with a lot of opportunities.

The main destination of Georgian American University is to provide the world with great doctors with an amazing future. This university’s career services include providing internships and jobs to their students and graduates.

Affordable education and high quality of life for international students

The Georgian American University provides a six years course of MBBS including 1 year of internship. The students also get an excellent opportunity to practice at University-affiliated hospitals after getting a 5-year MBBS degree dedicated to theoretical education of medicine.

There are many universities in Georgia where it is worth coming and studying for an international student. One of the best private universities among them is GAU. It is one of the most advanced among the cheapest universities in Georgia. Also Cost of living in Georgia is very affordable for international students. Public transport, utility bills, accommodation and food are quite affordable compared to other European countries.

A lot of international students study at the Georgian American University, and most of them are satisfied. Citizens of other countries as well as their religion and worldview are respected in this university.

Unfortunately, almost no university in Georgia has its own residence. But international students can easily rent an apartment of their choice near the university at quite affordable prices. Two students can share a two-bedroom apartment, three students can share a three-bedroom apartment, and so on. In this case, the apartment rental price is significantly reduced.

Advantages of Studying at Georgian American University

  1. Georgian American University comes under the WHO, FAIMER, and MCI and which is also recognized internationally.
  2. Students studying here have the advantage of wanting themselves to get transferred to any USA medical college once they get their current credentials evaluated.
  3. The students studying MBBS in this University can also have the benefit of exchanging their programs of USA, Canada, Europe or Australia.
  4. English is used as the medium to teach their entire course of MBBS.
  5. Needless to say, the University provides a very high quality of Education.
  6. Tbilisi has a good law and order system which also encourages female candidates to join the University without having doubts.
  7. The students get exposure to various cultures there as candidates from all over the world come with the dream to pursue MBBS in Georgian American University.

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