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I can tell you with confidence that a student who has at least once thought about continuing his studies in a foreign country imagines how difficult and expensive it all is. High university fees, high rent fees, very expensive transport and food, utility bills... I can tell you it's very tiring and expensive. For a solution, we suggest you consider study in Georgia.

But not with us...

Study in Georgia

Study in Georgia (Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi)

We offer study in a country that is distinguished by its history, culture, nature and life in general...

Study in Tbilisi - this is the biggest opportunity for foreign students who come to this country.

University fees are cheap in Georgia. The cheapest faculty, business administration, starts at 2,800 USD,  and the most expensive, medicine, goes up to 6,000 USD. All universities are accredited and their diplomas are valid in almost all countries of the world.

Take the first step today and start study in Georgia

Apartment rent in Georgia is quite affordable unless a student chooses to live in the elite neighborhoods in the city center. The cost of an apartment close to the metro starts from 400 USD and this apartment can be shared by two students.

Utility bills are also quite low in Georgia and range from about USD 50 per student for the entire month. But it is possible to spend much less.

Transportation in Georgia is quite accessible as almost all types of public transport are developed. Traveling by metro or bus for students costs 20 Georgian tetri, which is equivalent to 8 cents in the dollar. Students in Georgia enjoy various benefits, so this is one of the privileges.

As for food, Georgia stands out for its gastronomy and has one of the best cuisines in the world. Here you will meet various dishes recognized in the world such as: Khachapuri, Lobiani, Khinkali, Shkmeruli, Pkhali and so on. I can endlessly continue the list of Georgian dishes, they are delicious. Most importantly, all restaurants are accessible to students. You can get delicious food at very affordable prices.


Life and Study in Tbilisi 

The prices of food products are also affordable in supermarkets and you will find all kinds of products from any part of the world.

Students can relax at various resorts in Georgia at discounted prices. Georgia is arranged in such a way that there are both mountains and sea here. Here is a beautiful nature. You can visit the riviera city of Batumi, you can go to Lopota lake or Kazbegi where there are beautiful mountain views. Everything is here... Georgia is the homeland of wine, so in the fall you can go to Kakheti and crush grapes with your own hands, thus obtaining the highest quality Georgian wine.

All this happens in one small region, the area of which does not exceed 69,700 square kilometers. 

In the end, I want to tell you that studying in Georgia is affordable and you will receive a high-quality diploma that you can use in almost any country in the world. Here you will have fun and spend the best years of your youth. I promise you this... Take the first step today and start study in Georgia

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